Node red saved the deployment

We just had a deployment problem with a new piece of customer facing hardware. The issue was found only a couple of hours before deployment (a very different discussion) and would have meant that the deployment would need to be cancelled (and due to travel quirks delayed a couple of weeks). After a quick discussion it was agreed that at very small scale an acceptable work aound would be to send the user an SMS when they commnced a session with a encrypted one time link that could be used to remotely work around the issue.


Spun up a new node red instance in our docker env (2 minutes)
Exposed just the ui component to internet with an update to nginx reverse proxy config (2 min)
Added connections to our backend mongo database (1 minute)
Configured connections to redis and twillio and imported base subflows (3 minutes)
Created a onetime SMS JWT link flow using redis, JWT, twillio (10 min)
Non technical sponsor created example UI dashboard (10 min)
Added http-in node 1 minute
Added connections to our other http based micro serivces 10 mins (using already canned subflows)

Working POC in ~30 minutes elapsed

To deploy even at very small scale we still needed a very simple multi user UI so spent 2 hours coming up to speed with @TotallyInformation awesome uibuilder package(mostly learning Vue. I am not a FE person). Made changes and deployed to production in 2 1/2 hours. Had I known uibuilder it would have been 45 minutes

Truly amzing stuff. It will always be small scale and we will eventually receive some fixes from our partners so it will remain in nod-red till it is no longer needed.



Wow! Always great to hear success stories, thanks for sharing this. Makes me happy to think that my "little" personal project is supporting real-world deployments. :grinning:

Maybe I need to create a page where people can share uibuilder successes?

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