Node red search bar redirect bug

Expected behavior: Upon loading node red, attempt to use any of the search bars, such as "Search flows" under deploy button. After typing in the query and pressing enter results should be shown.

Actual behavior: Upon pressing enter, the page is reloaded and the search query is lost.

Root cause: There appears to be an issue with URL structure whereas "", which is what is being loaded by default by visiting "", will cause any search bar to reload the page in order to include the "?" within the UR prior to "#flow": "". After the question mark is present, the search bars will start working as expected.

Versions effected: I've noticed this on version 1.1.2, which is the first 1.x.x version I've tried. 1.1.3 also has this issue.

Does anything show up while you ate typing in the search term before you hit 'enter'?

As I type in the search, results start to show. If however I hit enter I do see the screen reload the flow. @dceejay is this expected behavior?

1 - what platform are you running on?
2 - where did you come up with http://node-red/?

As I type, results do show. I primarily experience reloads within manage palette menu. As I search for what to add / remove I need to stop myself from pressing enter, otherwise the search & results are lost.
After the flow is reloaded with the ? mark, I can use enter at will.

My node red is running as a docker container within vmware photon os.
I primarily access the node red UI via nginx and custom domain, though I verified that the issue is identical if the interface is accessed directly. I replaced the actual domain I use with "" for privacy.

Can I get you to raise an issue? I thought we handled all the form-submit events, but I can see as you do that it only seems to work when there's no ? in the url.

Thank you, done:

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