Node-red startup issue

I have a strange issue. I have node-red 1.0.3. I also set it up to start on boot.
when my computer reboots, node-red starts but none of my flows load up (In web UI, it shows like a fresh install with no flows).
However, after i do a

'service node-red restart'

all saved flows load up.

What could be wrong ?
In my node-red.service file here is how it is setup (among other lines)

ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/node-red --max-old-space-size=128 -v

Check the log output to see what flow file it is using each time.

By default the flow file uses the hostname ... maybe something odd is going on there.

If that is the issue, you could add a fixed flow file name to the start command.

you were right on ! i had recently changed my server to get hostname from dhcp and changed /etc/hostname to localhost (so dhcp could provide hostname). so my guess is, node-red would start before machine could get hostname leading it to use 'localhost' as hostname thus leading to no loading of file. and by the time i logged in it would have gotten hostname. so manual reloading of node-red worked. however i changed /etc/hostname back to hardcode the hostname. then it started working fine again.


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