Node-red-v4-contrib-redis seems renamed

To ones who used it - yesterday I found my builds not work anymore, so I found node-red-v4-contrib-redis was silently renamed to node-red-redis

by this commit:

you need to update your package.json manually to @golfvert/node-red-redis

Guilty as charge :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I made a few changes on the V4 version and then, I realised that the naming of the flow was not compliant with the rules.
I created a new name. Remove the NPM corresponding to the old name in

However, it seems that there is no way to remove an old package from

So, the name still exists but there is nothing behind.

I heavily use redis in multiple NodeRed flows and I needed it to be compliant with Node Red v4...

If you know a way to help others with that change, let me know.

the best if you could publish old package with old name, so there will be no intrmediate issue to others. Place like # depricated look to new nodes note to the top of readme in github, it will help others. for me all good already, just wanted to notice others, because I heavy use your package too.

I think there is a deprecated flag for package.json? Might be useful to use that as well. I agree though, this is a slight limitation of using npm catalogues. Best to create a new package with the correct name and deprecate the old one with links to the new package.

Should I create an almost empty NPM package with the old name and a 1-liner README:
" See other package" ?

Should I create an almost empty NPM package with the old name and a 1-liner README:
" See other package" ?

it will force your user to upgrade imediatly,

I would prefer rather to fork old version to new project, register it back in npm and issue version 1.0.5 (as i remember 1.0.4 is latest of old ?) which fails to install with message "this package was renamed to @golfvert/node-red-redis" . So old installs with fixed version will still work before they decide to upgrade all, and new users will be routed to correct version.

In my case my coworker started to tell me that package was deleted, and I not belived him initially, because there was old story after which npm not allow to delete used packages so easy, strange it was allowed you to do this.

But it is all imho, it is your package :slight_smile:

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