Change name node-red contrib node after publishing on npm

Hi everyone,
Can I change name my node after publishing that node Or I must publish a new node?


I don't know if the internal name could changed (I don't think). But you could change the palette label and the label in Node red. So the appearance of the node could changed that for the user it has a different name.

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If you want to change the name of the module you have published to npm then you should first use npm unpublish to remove the old module. NPM restricts what can be unpublished so you may find this doesn't work - if that's the case, see below.

Once you have removed the old module, you can then npm publish the module under its new name.

If the unpublish fails, before publishing the new module you should:

  1. update the package.json of the module to remove the node-red keyword and publish a new version. That will get it removed from the flow library (eventually).
  2. use npm deprecate to mark your module as deprecated.

Thank you @Hypnos and @knolleary

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