How to remove a node (package) published on

Hello, I published a node-red node package on,
but I want to completely remove it from there and make it unavailble in the public catalogue.

how can I do that?
quick help would be appreciated.

It depends how long ago you published it to npm.

If it was recenty enought, then you should be able to use npm to unpublish it. You can then go to its page on the flows library, login via the link in the top corner, and then click the 'request refresh'. That will schdule a refresh that should happen within the hour.

If you can't unpublish from npm, then the next option is to publish a new version without the node-red keyword - and then do the 'request refresh' as above.

Failing that, let me know the name of the module I can manually remove it.

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Hello @knolleary,

"@cgignite/ignite-odata" is the node-red module which I want to remove.
I don't want my nodes to be accessible by public from settings > manage palette >install.
can you please remove it?

Thanks for the quick reply,
appreciate it.

I have removed the node from the library.

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