How to deprecate / remove packages from the catalogue?

Is there any way to deprecate / hide / remove a packages from the catalogue / the palettes?

Because of a company name change, we also moved our package from @oldcompanyname/packagename to just packagename. The problem now is that if you search for packagename in the NodeRED Palettes window, you find the old one as well as the new one and that confuses users...

I've already deprecated my package on npm. Can I remove / hide it from the catalogue?

One option is to publish a new version of the deprecated packages with the node-red keyword removed from the package.json file.

Then you can click the request update button on the nodes page on the flow library and it will get removed.

Alternatively, let me know the names of the modules you'd like removed and I can do it in the backend

Thanks for the fast reply!

If it is not too much of a hassle, it would be great if you could remove @makeproaudio/node-red-contrib-makehaus. The new package is just called node-red-contrib-makehaus.
Otherwise I'll publish a new version without the node-red keyword as you said.

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