Action settings in Manage Palette


Hi! Recently I had to deal with upgrading of one node to most recent version but had to remove it first. I'd noticed the "remove" button is missing from some packages. Some packages have "disable" button other not. Why is that? For example (see the picture) I cannot remove node-red-contrib-cron from NodeRED UI.

What algorithm is used to show / hide these buttons?



You cannot remove or disable a module that is being used by your flows - you’ll see all those modules without the remove/disable button instead say ‘in use’.



this is because this node is in use in any of your flows…

if you don t have it in use you may navigate to : “configuration nodes” and delete it…



That was helpful :slight_smile:

Another question - I had node-red-contrib-norelite v1.5.0 and wanted to upgrade it to version 2.5 but there was no button “upgrade to X.Y.Z”. What makes a package up-gradable?



It will depend where you have installed it.

The palette manager is only able to upgrade nodes that were previously installed by the palette manager, or that you have manually installed under ~/.node-red.

If there are installed anywhere else, they are beyond the reach of the palette manager to update and you will have to update it manually… how you do that will depend entirely on how/where it is currently installed.




Hmmm…I now remember what had happened: the package was called Norelite (v.1.5.0). The author had renamed it to node-red-contrib-norelite to conform the naming conventions. Well, yes, in this case there will not be “Upgrade to x.y.z” button, sorry for confusing you.

The problem arose when I accidentally hit Install on the node-red-contrib-norelite package while having Norelite installed - there were many type conflicts etc. Well, I’ve created a big mess :slight_smile: The solution was to manually remove Norelite folder, and install node-red-contrib-norelite again.

Thanks guys!