Renaming the configuration node type (config) in a custom node. Best practice?

In my package node-red-contrib-sonos-plus the config node type is named "sonos-config". That interferes with another package and I would like to change the name to "sonosplus-config".

That means I have to rename it in

  • package.json
  • sonos-config.html
  • sonos-config.js
  • in my 2 nodes using the config data
    and I would like to rename the files sonos-config.js/html to sonosplus-config (consistency).

What does that mean for users of the package? Do the existing flows still work? Do users have to update/delete/recreate each config node?

No. If you change the types, then flows will look for, and not find, the old types.

Changing a node type name is a breaking change - there's no easy way around it.

Yes - they will be notified they have 'unknown' nodes in the workspace. They will need to go find them in the Config Nodes sidebar and delete them. Then they will have to go into the flow nodes that are now missing the config node and create new config nodes.

Thanks for the prompt response (as always)!

The owner of the other package set his package on npm to "deprecated"
He also removed the keyword.

But the package still shows up in the Node-RED library.
What do we have to do to remove that package from Node-RED library.

Thanks for your advice.

Have they published an update to npm with the keyword removed?

The link above shows the release 0.0.13, deprecated, last published: 21 hours ago and in the package.json the keyword is missing.

If you are logged into the flow library, clicking 'check for update' will remove the module if the latest version on npm no longer has the node-red keyword.... which I have just done for this module.

S u p e r :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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