Node Red Watson Discovery Node

I set up a node red flow for Watson Assistant.. It was simple and worked well, had an input with an inject node, then a watson assistant node and a debug output. Easy.

Then I went to set up the same pattern for the Discovery Node and zammo. nothing. It appears the same set up sends a "blank" query to Watson Discovery services and I get back just a default documents as if i sent an empty Natural Language Query.

I am using the Interactive flow diagrams, so I just drag them over. When I look at any details, I cannot see anything specific to wire up the Inject text into the query.

What am I missing, I also could not find a step by step on youtube for discovery. there was a nice one for watson assistant.

Also there did not seem to be any specific documentation on the .org for node red? On how do do this simple call?

Thank you for the help.

Thanks but I found a simple example. All I had to do was add this code in a function node before the call to discovery..

msg.discoveryparams = {};



return msg;