Watson Assistant (Covid-19 project) Resource not Found

Watson Assistant does not respond to an accurately transcribed phrase (like "What is corona virus".) It consistently responds with "Resource not found" and I'm pretty certain the node is configured correctly.
The phrase provides the expected output when it's used to test the Assistant application in the Cloud console.
I have tried this with Assistant V1 and V2 on both my MacBook and Bluemix instances of Node-Red. I'm a little frustrated because I cannot find how to debug this. The Node-Red console output doesn't give me any additional information in terms of which resource cannot be found or where I should be looking next. Anyone able to push me in the right direction please?

Not getting anywhere with this ... anyone have any ideas on how to debug the "resource not found" error??

Check if your node-red application is correctly connected to Watson assistent. If so, restart your node-red. Then check if the assistent ID is correct.

Thanks for the reply. I had shelved this project due to lack of progress but I will try again. I am beginning to believe that my Watson Assistant is not set up correctly in the first place (although it appears to work ok during the testing scenario for the actual Assistant - not node-red related).
I will update once I've retried my actions.

I've managed to move on slightly... I tried to simplify things to demonstrate whether I was able to connect to Watson Assistant or not. So, I have an Inject Node with a string (what is coronavirus) as the input connecting to a Watson Assistant V2 node. With this configured with the ASSISTANT API key, the ASSISTANT ID and the ASSISTANT URL, we connect to Watson Assistant and a response is received. Unfortunately, it seems to be a generic response beginning with "I don't know the answer to that yet. Here are some news articles we found......" This is followed by web news items on COVID-19. The starter kit suggests using the SKILL ID where I have the ASSISTANT ID configured but this definitely gives me a "resource not found" error from the Assistant Node. I'd really like to get this working as I have other projects that could really use access to an Assistant.

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