Node Red + Zwave not available after restart / node



I use Nodered on a Raspberry Pi 3 with a USB-Z-Stick GEN 5.
I have 3 nodes connected.
1.Smoke sensor
2.Door Kontact
3. Thermostat HVAC
Everything works so well.
After a restart, only the thermostat node is accessible. The smoke node and door node are just back
accessible if I press the button on the node shortly 3x.
The condition is of course not satisfactory.
Why is the topic node immediately there again and the other two not? The status of the two nodes is then "undefined". After pressing the node 3 times, the correct name, e.g. Smoke sensor. Then I can address or read the node, e.g. Door open / closed.
In my opinion, it has to be related to the different properties of the node.
Does anyone have a tip for my problem.
Many Thanks.



Probably it depends on how the devices are powered (battery, plug).


all nodes are powered by a battery.
Maybe I have a solution now.
So battery-powered zave nodes do not consume too much energy, they go into sleep mode. The wakeup time can be set at the node. Will in this
Time Node Red restarts sleeping on the node. That's why I did not have any contact with my node.
You just have to wait long enough for the node to wake up again. Then, Node Red and the Zwave node exchange information again. Alternatively, the zwave node can be woken up by pressing the button 3 times.

In my case the Zwave thermostat does not seem to sleep as deep as e.g. a door-zwave-node.

In any case, after a long time, all Zwave nodes have logged back into Node Red.

There must be a good compromise in setting the wakeup time at the Zwave node. A short wakeup time means higher energy consumption.

These are my experiences.