Node to use with Smart Card readers and apply APDU protocol

Hello all,
I'm new with Node red, and I've realized that it is a powerful tool with a huge capability, I'm looking for some nodes to use with Smart cards and also with APDU communication protocol.
Do you know some that can advice me?

Welcome to the forum @JorgeGomes

I don't know much about this subject, but I think the first question is how are you connecting the card to the computer? Also what OS?

Hi Colin,
Thanks for your prompt answer.
Actually, I can use MACOS or Windows. I can use what node is or are available. I'm just start it.
Let me know what is possible.

I was asking how you are going to connect the smart card to the computer. That is a hardware question and nothing to do with node-red. What type of card are you talking about?

Hi Colin,
I'm going to use Mobile SIM card.

How are you going to connect the SIM to the computer?

With a card reader.
I'm telco engineer working with devices and SIM cards. I've using the IDBridge CT30:

Now I want to play with Node-red, is why I'm looking for useful nodes.

What software do you use for accessing the card?

I've some software licensed by card manufacturers.
Why are you asking?

Because the easiest (possibly the only) way may be to drive that software from node-red.

uhmm...interesting. Can you share some information how to do?
Another way that can be possible, is to use some java packages that exists to handle APDU with card readers. In case you have some interesting info how to integrate jar libraries, would be nice.

It depends on whether the s/w has an API you can access.

If you have a command line program that will do it then you should be able to call that using an exec node.

Alternatively, searching for adpu in the npmjs website finds a number of npm packages that could possibly be useful

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