NodeRed 2.2 - Error 502

Hi good people.

I've been running node-red without any issues with Home-Assistant.
Today I've realized it was automatically updated to version 2.2, and while creating a simple flow, I notice an "error 502". All the flows are "apparently running" but any new flow I create I get an "error 502" when pushing the deploy button.

Any ideas?? After a few seconds and pushes on the deploy button it goes away but returns a few seconds later.

This is more a home assistant issue. 502 means bad gateway. If you google "home assistant node-red 502" you will find various topics with suggestions.

Did you find already a solution?
have the same, after upgrade to node red 2.2 a "new" message appears. Generally when i deploy new flows it appears and after a while its gone. With the previous version of node red it never happened though.

no. haven't found the source of the problem yet ! and yourself @calif ?

Same here. Node Red auto-updated and I'm suddenly getting 502 errors everywhere and it seems that Node Red can no longer connect to Home Assistant.

I'm having exactly the same issue after I just upgraded. :frowning:

Same problem here, after updating home assistant and node red.
Repeatedly after deploying modification to any kind of node, if I try to inject anything goes to 502.

if it can help i've noticed missing icons in nodes properties before the 502 fades away,
like in the screenshot below:

Also log reports multiple errors like:

2022/02/05 21:00:40 [error] 562#562: *437 connect() failed (111: Connection refused) while connecting to upstream, client:

After few seconds, judging from the logs, seems there's like a reconnection (?) and 502 error just goes away, icons are back, and all flows seems to work correctly.

I would highly recommend to report this in the home assistant forums.

Temporary fix for ppl with the home assistant addon.

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I had a sneaky feeling this was due to node-red crashing and related to action flows.

There is an issue (and a PR to fix it) here:

@mikefila you might want to share this on the HA forum - on that thread? (I am not a member / dont use HA)

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That is where I got the link from. Someone started another thread this morning looking for a fix and linked to here. Figured I'd convey the fix.



    - npm uninstall node-red-contrib-actionflows

to node red configuration seems to worked for me (I've made a quite a few testing at this point).
I understood this is a temporary fix to the issue, but for now Node red runs stable.

Thank you very much for the tip @mikefila :pray:


@bnnie @mikefila

node-red-contrib-actionflows V2.1.2 is now available in the flows library :+1:

This should hopefully close this thread off.

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