Nodered environment with mutiple urls


If there are multiple urls(different domains) configured to the same nodered environment, what would be the best way to retrieve the url in NodeRed? The same applies to added params in the url. I have to know this before a user has logged in into NodeRed.

Are you talking about the Editor or the Dashboard or something else here? It makes a difference to how logins might work.

Sorry for the late reply. In my scenario users will have to log in using the admin page. And a passport strategy implemented (oauth\oidc authentication).
If a strategy is used, it is possible to add a label and an icon. which will be used to generate a button a user has to click on in order to authenticate. Is it possible to customize the layout with my own html\css\javascript? If yes, where is the file stored that contains the current layout configuration?

Not sure what you get with the auth strategy, you'd have to dump some things to the log to find out. In the editor, you certainly have access to the URL since it is a browser app.

If I look at the html of the node red interface in the admin page. I can see the layout of the button. Including the span in which the label text is embedded. Is it possible to edit the default layout? For instance to add a script?

Anything is possible, the joy of HTML. Whether it is robust may be a different matter. We would probably need Nick to chip in there.

Via the editorTheme setting in your settings.js file, you can provide paths to scripts that should be loaded into the editor.

Those scripts can then do whatever customisation you want to the page.

editorTheme: {
   page: {
      scripts: [ "/absolute/path/to/custom/script/file.js" ]

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