NodeRed - Home-Assistant - Pollstate node frantic interval

Hi there, I have a problem with pollstate node in node red homeassistant .. it stopped respecting the time interval and it just fires whenever it feels like it .. any advice?

(P.S. I tried changing it from minutes to hours to no avail)

Welcome to the forum @nodkan

Very few here use Home Assistant, most prefer to do everything in node-red, avoiding the complications of using HA. So you may have to ask your question on an HA forum rather than here.

Thank you very much, Colin... will do so.

Best Regards

I’ve never had an issue with the nodered-home assistant pallet in node red other than it being a bit clumsy to use sometimes and major changes during updates requiring things to be reconfigured a bit. Is everything on the latest versions?

Hi Billy and thanks for your reply.

Indeed I keep everything updated and tidy! :slight_smile:

I can confirm that during wintertime it was working fine but at some point in spring (I guess) it started malfunctioning. Unfortunately I did not realize at the time in order to check what was updated since that date to have a possible culprit.


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