Nodered pccc in node stopped after running for few days

I have been using Nodered v3.0.3 to collect the data from micrologix PLC with the pccc node. The connection was successful and I was able to get the data required form PLC, but suddenly, yesterday I got an error: "Error connecting to PLC: Error: connect ECONNREFUSED".
other PLC's are running fine and I have not modified anything in any of the nodes.
Can anyone suggest me why the node stopped working all of sudden?

The first thing to do is to see if you can make it work. For example you could

  1. restart node-red
  2. power cycle the machine running node-red
  3. power cycle the PLC

Obviously note which one it is that fixes it.
If none of those work, can you ping the PLC from the node-red machine? If not can you ping the other PLCs from the node-red machine? If it is only the one PLC that you cannot ping then either the IP address of the PLC has changed or there is a networking or hardware fault of some sort.

I have restarted node-red and power cycled the machine but I can check if I can power cycle the PLC. I will try that and let you know. Thank you so much for the response.

Hello, I was able to re-establish the connection by power cycling the PLC.

thanks to you...!