NodeRed Update V2>3: Password protection removed

Does anyone know the background? Is this to be expected with every update via the script?

Hi @dsporer

Can you provide some more context here? By 'the script', I'm guessing you are referring to the update script provided for the Pi?

Can you describe what steps you took to run the script and what the result was?

The script doesn't touch your settings file if it already exists - which is the only way any adminAuth settings can be modified.

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I just started the update script. The previously set up password protection was removed afterwards.

Did you take a backup of your settings file? Can you compare it with what you have now to confirm it has been changed?

This is definitely not the expected behaviour.

Unfortunately, I don't have a backup and will have to set up the password protection again. All other data was preserved. Thank you for the info - maybe other users will report the same observation and be able to help with this bug more qualified than I can.

Yes, via update script provided for Pi.

Always take a backup before updates, especially major ones.

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What will you do if the SD card dies?

Luckily, my Raspi is not yet in any important productive use. There is no SD card in this model (CM4) either. Actually, I didn't want to discuss (useful) backups here...

I'm assuming you already manually edited the settings.js file after this problem updating? But on the off chance that you haven't, are you able to verify the last modified date of the settings.js file corresponds to when you ran the update script?

If you don't know when you ran the script, you can check your command history on a Pi with the history command.

Also are you sure that you are running the same install (locally installed vs global install)?


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