nodesExcludes in portable node-red


As I read there is a function that named nodesExcludes in settings.js or passing into as parameter in 3rd party portable edition of the node-red.
So I would like to disable all basic nodes like as common,function,network,sequence,parser,storage
I tried to like as
nodesExcludes: ['node-red'],
but not worked for me.
What is the basic palettes names as js file or is there another way to disable this nodes at the startup?

I prefer to do this in settings.js or as parameter of the starter code.

Thanks in advance

Which portable fork of Node-RED are you using?

I am working on it:

I don't use @mdkrieg version myself so can't help with that

But I do use Node-RED desktop

which allows you to disable nodes (although I don't use the facility )

Thank you I'll try it

I tried the "nodesExcludes" for all unwanted core function like as:

            nodesExcludes: [
                '10-file.js', '23-watch.js',
                '17-split.js', '18-sort.js', '19-batch.js',
                '70-CSV.js', '70-HTML.js', '70-JSON.js', '70-XML.js', '70-YAML.js',
                '05-tls.js', '06-httpproxy.js', '10-mqtt.js', '21-httpin.js', '21-httprequest.js', '22-websocket.js', '31-tcpin.js', '32-udp.js',
                '10-function.js', '10-switch.js', '15-change.js', '16-range.js', '80-template.js', 'rbe.js', '90-exec.js',
                '24-complete.js', '25-catch.js', '25-status.js', '60-link.js', '90-comment.js', '98-unknown.js',

It is worked for me.

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