Not able to connect mssql

my host: 10.0..\SQLEXPRESS, not able to connect to this db via mssql node

try with two \

@ukmoose tried still facing issue

then perhaps you could explain what you have tried?

@ukmoose tried '\' - two slashes
using 10.0..\SQLEXPRESS still ConnectionError: Connection is closed.

Sorry, we cant debug this for you, especially when you haven't provided any details on what you have tried for yourself.

Have you checked your database allows external connections? Have you tried connecting with a different client? Lots of steps you could be taking for yourself.

@knolleary i am trying to connect mssql my config { user: "username",
password: "password",
server: "10.0..\SQLEXPRESS",
options: {
encrypt: false

this is my config
this mssql db has external connection able to connect from node js script using mssql npm, when i try to connect from node red keep getting Error: Global connection already exists. Call sql.close() first this error, please help me, i am using node-red-node-mssql in one flow, node-red-contrib-mssql-port in other flow

'Did you solve your problem? I have same too, is showing me "ConnectionError: Failed to connect to S04900814:1433 - getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND S04900814 S04900814:1433"