Not possible to communicate via com port with rfxcom

I have an issue when I wan to use the node-red-contribit-rfcom node. It doesn't want to communicate with the RFXcom device.
It complains over ReadIOCompletion.

If I use the software that comes with the RFXcom everything works. But nod in Node-red.

I'm running node red on an win7 64bit VM-ware machine.


Do you mean node-red-contrib-rfxcom?

If so I'm not sure the author is on the forum very much. It's probably better to open up an issue on the guthub page for the node,

Remember, you have to be sure that the other software (RFXmngr???) is really closed, otherwise the COM3 cannot be accessed from Node-RED

sorry for the typo Ukmoose.
I indeed mean node-red-contrib-rfxcom. But it can also be an issue related to serialport. Because that node also comes with the installation of node-red-contrib-rfxcom.

At this moment I have no clue where to look for and I was wondering if anyone has some experience with these kind of issues.

I already double checked that Krambriw. And the RFXmngr is really closed.
Anyway, thanks for the tip.

I have found the code that throws the error. The error comes from serialport.(serialport_win.cpp)

> void __stdcall ReadIOCompletion(DWORD errorCode, DWORD bytesTransferred, OVERLAPPED* ov) {
>   ReadBaton* baton = static_cast<ReadBaton*>(ov->hEvent);
>   if (errorCode) {
>     ErrorCodeToString("Reading from COM port (ReadIOCompletion)", errorCode, baton->errorString);
>     baton->complete = true;
>     return;
>   }

Now I only need to find out why this error occurs. Anyone suggestions?

Are you still having problems? There was an update of the underlying node-rfxcom module to use the (then) latest Serialport module version 6.x.x on 8th July, which may have fixed this issue, as it looks like a Serialport problem. Try updating node-red-contrib-rfxcom, which should pull the latest versions in

Hi Max,

Thanks for your reply.

Currently I’m running node red on an old pi. But I will definitely update the node-red-contrib-rfxcom see if there is any improvement/change on the situation.

I will let you know if anything is changed.