RFXtrx node not connecting

I try to control my 433MHz wall plugs from Node-RED with a RFXcom.
Have added node-red-contrib-rfxcom and have set up the out-node.


But the rfx-light node will not get connected
What can be wrong?

Is the port in use already?

Did you enter correct settings in the serial port config?

Are you running node-red in docker or a container?

Is the account running node-red a member of dialout group?

I don't think that the port is used by something else.
Serial port config, were is that?


It look correct to me.
From the HA hardware-list I have this


Same port as I have configured in the rfx-light node

The funny thing is that some times it get's connected after system reboot it gets connected.
But most of the times it want connect.

ok, so this is a Home Assistant install of node-red - i.e. contained

You will possibly need to head over to the HA forum and search for "serial port" since I have no idea how HA maps devices or the accounts they use etc.

Also, you might want to check out the repository - there may be known issues or workarounds already discussed; Issues · maxwellhadley/node-red-contrib-rfxcom · GitHub

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