NR Grafana API keys

Hi. I Was wondering can we use Grafana API keys, to secure the InfluxDB using NR?
Is it possible to do something like this, but with NR?

Well, you can use the key to access the Grafana API - easy enough to translate the curl command in the 2nd link to use with an http-request node.

But not sure what you mean be "secure the InfluxDB using NR". How can you use a Grafana API bearer token to secure InfluxDB?

Something like extra Authentication, but with API key from Grafana. Is it possible?


InfluxDB offers HTTP API to communicate with external systems and clients. HTTP clients are very easy to implement in any programming language. Response is returned in JSON format.

HTTP API provides 3 endpoints:
/ping - check database status
/query - query data
/write - write data to database

Something like this in NR?

Short answer: No.

Unfortunately, Discourse prevents me from having a 3 character reply. :smiling_imp:

InfluxDB needs its own authentication and has that capability.

Of course, both Grafana and InfluxDB API's are web based. That means that it is possible to build a proxy to handle authentication, authorisation and even traffic. Beyond the subject matter of this forum though I'm afraid. I suggest using the InfluxDB forum for further information & support.

Can i use this:

Accept: application/json
Authorization: Bearer eyJrIjoiT0tTcG1pUlY2RnVKZTFVaDFsNFZXdE9ZWmNrMkZYbk

The Authorization header value should be Bearer <your api key>.

OR this

In that way:

I've try this, but get this error.
Any help, please?

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