NR installation without settings file wizard?

A bit new to this, so this may be stupid question.

I'm using ansible playbook to setup several things. Before it worked fine, but now there's this "wizard" after NR installation and my playbook hangs there until I stop it... The part it hangs is:

Node-RED Settings File initialisation
This tool will help you create a Node-RED settings file.

? Settings file ‣ /home/test/.node-red/settings.js

Can this part be skipped somehow automatically? Maybe add something to installing command or something? At the moment I'm using:

/home/test/update-nodejs-and-nodered --skip-pi --confirm-install

on my playbook to install NR. There's no need to me to do this "settings file wizard" since my playbook installs all the needed files and settings after NR installation. Any ideas?

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use --no-init (I think) results in the settings file not being written


You can see all the options if you run
bash <(curl -sL --help

On a side issue, is there a reason that you don't get ansible to run the bash <(curl... command rather than downloading it and running it?

This is what I'm doing.

- name: Install Node-RED
  shell: 'bash <(curl -sL --confirm-install --confirm-pi --no-init --node20'
    executable: /bin/bash
  become: false

I was using the alternative installer but decided I liked the regular install better.

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