NR Projects - GIT intergration - username on commit

Hi ,

I plan to have below set up .

  1. Local GIT
  2. Node Red with projects integrated to it.
  3. Multiple users created on Node Red.

I was doing some tests with my local installation. I created 2 users under adminAuth - admin1 and admin2.
Did some changes and committed them. Changes were done with both admin1 and admin2 separately each leading to its own commit.

Now when i run the command git log , I still see the Git credentials as given in Settings - Git config - "Committer Details" as common for all. There is no way to know to know which NR user did the change - admin1 or admin2.

Is there any which way this can be achieved by the current set up ?
If not - can we consider adding the user name automatically to the Comment ?
(I am aware this is limited to commits and not staged multiple chanegs which may lead to commit)

Any feedback guys ?

The git committer details under user settings in the editor should be stored per-user. If a user hasn't provided they own details it will default to the system defaults.

Thank You so much Nick. This solved the issue.
Being greedy now - any way to link Git Committer detail to user login details (when adminAuth is enabled) ?
This way its transparent to the user and it happens seamlessly.

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