Save Flows to git Repo with different username on commit & push

Hi Team,

Is there any way to set a different username and password on commit flows to a git repo, I mean if 2 different people are using the same instance and same flow, one person can enter his/her username and password on the push and the other uses his/her credentials.
As of now on the first commit node-red asks for credential but after that, it uses the same every time.
Is there any way or config where we can set to ask for credentials every time on commit or push?

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If you have adminAuth enabled and each user has a different login, then it should use different credentials for each user. If that isn't the behaviour you are seeing, then that is a bug.

Otherwise, if you are not using adminAuth, then you have a single-user system and it assumes that one user wants to use the same credentials all the time.

ok thanks, i will try with different users and test the git flow.

@knolleary It is working fine, thanks :grinning:

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