NR with multiple homebridge instances error

Hi people,
I am using homebridge (multiple instances) with NR on the same Raspberry Pi 4 but run into errors.

The Window contacts are attached through a zigbee bridge and the Open Window switch is attached through another DECT bridge. Because of the number of devices they need to be served by two separate homebridge instances (on the same raspberry pi with node-red, apple 150 devices limit per bridge)

I am also sure that the function and payload syntax is correct, as when I change it the payload is rejected.

The two instances are configured in NR with their individual PINs but communication doesn't seem to work, when they are both configured with the same MAC. I did not find a way to specify a port.
Any advice?

"0*:**:**:**:**:C8 -> Error: Homebridge auth failed, invalid PIN 7**-**-**8 -> undefined"

"0*:**:**:**:**:C8 -> Error: ERROR: HB Instance not found -> undefined"

UPDATE: fixed the screenshots,

I think you are showing an old screenshot (using on instead of On)

I have been trying to find a solution on the homebridge extension for NR GitHub page.
There seem to be issues with multiple instances as well.

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