NR+XBee Conection

That is not the same flow you posted a few posts ago that you said had the problem. The new flow you post does obviously have such a connection.

Hey @knolleary, You are right !! this is a Node-red Forum, not a Xbee forum, have some respect @Martin10 for the great work these guys had put in to have a fantastic product as Node-Red!!

If its RPI related, I am will to advise as far I can, unfortunately, it seems you have a comms-related issue on the TX side.

Yes, i try to change it, but i don't know if i fix or mixed up something. Please tell me what specific part of the flow you want me to show you and i will show it to you.

As for the NR...
I really respect this software, because:

  1. It combine variety of elements, that can be integrated into single software platform (in a very elegant way), which is great!
    And also this NR feature is positive and negative (at the same time), because when you try to connect some hardware via library, that NR created, it is hard to find someone to guides you.

  2. It reduce the coding and make it easier to understand it

Any idea?

I still think, that the problem is in NR, because i test the XBee modules within XCTU software and everything there is fine?