NRF24 issues, output node cannot send packet

I am trying to make an NRF24 radio work using node-red-contrib-nrf24. One of the problems is that node status messages change to 'not working' after each deploy. I have to stop and restart node-red to make the nodes connected to the radio again (until next deploy). Input node works well and can receive packets. Output node throws an error "RF24 could not send radio packet in 0x445a44544e" no matter what address is set, what payload is injected, auto ACK is set or not etc..
Hardware is a Pi4, NRF24 is connected to SPI0 port, there is one input and one output node in the flow. Node version is 10.18.0, Node-red version is 1.0.1. Does anyone know what might be causing this issue?

Hi, i have exactly the same problem, i am trying differents things but nothing happens, my board receives the packets but can not send nathing... Could you fix the problem?

Thank you...