Numeral entry in dashboard 2 slider

I use node-red as UI for TouchDesigner project.
It would be perfect with the possibility to enter a numerical value in the slider node as to move the thumb to the existing value, avoiding a jump when I move the slider.
Do you think it is possible?
Thank you in advance,

Do you want something like that ??

It's not something we support in the built-in widget right now, but I've just opened UI Slider - Text Field Input · Issue #1063 · FlowFuse/node-red-dashboard · GitHub to track it.

Not sure when I'd be able to get to it myself, but if any generous community members are open to contributing - then it can get in sooner!

Thank you for your answers.
Finaly, I solved the problem. It was necessary to format the arriving OSC message with:
msg.payload = msg.payload[0]["args"]
now the slider thumb is following arriving value.