I am running node-red in docker and have just now seen a container namer "objective_zhukovsky" which relates to the node-red image. Is this something to be concerned about (I have removed the container since it has been stopped for two days)

You would need to see what is in that container.

Is your host accessible from the Internet?

Docker will randomly generate names for the containers if you don't specify one yourself. A name like objective_zhukovsky fits the ABC_XYZ style of an autogenerated name - so isn't a cause for alarm in itself.

Its a good idea to remember to use the --name my_custom_name option when you create your containers so you know what each one is.

I have removed the container - but the pi is accessible from the internet (I have changed the password of the pi and no port-forwarding)

Thx! Much appreciated

While it looks like Nick has found the answer, you may still wish to review how the Pi is connected. If you allow access to any service from the Internet, I would strongly recommend that you change the default ports for common services (esp. SSH and Node-RED). Better still, you can control that from your router by using port translation. You might also consider configuring an IPTABLES firewall on the Pi itself and consider something like FAIL2BAN to automatically block brute-force attacks.

As this is a Pi, also get rid of the "pi" account and use a random name instead with a strong passcode.

These are just general thoughts on security, you might also want to do a bit of research into securing Linux devices connected to the Internet.

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