Obtaining a seated value from a JSON array on a localhost website

I have set up a localhost website on a windows 10 computer and I wish to serve the JSON array to an HTTP node in node red. Whilst I can access the ip address index file from the HTTP node okay I am unsure how I drill down to obtain items in the array. Localhost is as below;

And current node set up worth [""0""].Channel being the path to the array item when I hover over the first item in the list.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The HTTP Request node's URL field can use the mustache syntax to insert msg properties into the url.

The sidebar help for the node says this:

When configured within the node, the URL property can contain mustache-style tags. These allow the url to be constructed using values of the incoming message. For example, if the url is set to example.com/{{{topic}}} , it will have the value of msg.topic automatically inserted. Using {{{...}}} prevents mustache from escaping characters like / & etc.

The key thing is the use of the {{ }} to indicate where the message property should be inserted.

So for your url, you'd want to use:{{payload[0].Channel}}/Channel

Thanks Nick,

Unfortunately that didn't work and the same error message was returned.

Does the index.php file need to format the JSON output to Mustache template for the HTTP url GET method to work?