OData V4 support

I can not find out on this forum if node-red support OData (i mean, if some node or logic exists or if i need to implement myself.. because i would avoid this).

I looked up what OData is out of curiosity and if there's any Node-RED custom nodes implementing it. I didn't find any but I there was some NPM modules for it you could either use in a function node or create a custom node wrapping some of these modules.

OData client:


If you need a client support, the first node module seemed pretty nice in syntax and could quite nicely be used as is inside a function node in my opinion.

I hope this answers your question.

Yes thanks.
I also have not find any node that support OData in my previous search but hoped i was wrong.

I'm a node-red newby (node in general) so i really hoped that something similar already exists.
Bytheway i would dig into how to build a node, thanks again.

If you're planning starting to build a node for it, I suggest you first post the idea and goals on the "Creating nodes" part of the forum. You might get good tips on where to look for examples etc.

I believe it'd require good amount of planning to find an intuitive approach to port the ideas in a "Node-RED way".


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