Trying to write a bit to OMROM PLC using FINS Write node.
I have E0_22228.2 set as my address.
I am passing a payload of 1 and 0, 5 seconds apart, i have even formatted them to be arrays i.e. [1] and [0].

the node returns complete and posts successful output to debug but bit in PLC state doesn't change.

Do I need to use the buffer creator to just write 1 boolean value to 1 bit?

Bit write is not supported. What's happening is when you write 1 to E0_22228.2 it's writing 0x0001 to E0_22228 meaning bit 2 is getting set to 0

I have a beta version you can test.

It is not yet published as I am waiting feedback.

Are you interested in running a beta version?

See this thread: Support for single bits. · Issue #13 · Steve-Mcl/node-red-contrib-omron-fins · GitHub

I'd be happy to test it.
In the meantime I'm going to use a H bit instead

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