One instance,multiple user logins

How to implement
In one single instance, i.e say (, I must be able to log in with different users

When User X logins to, X must be able to see only User X flows and catalogues
When User Y logins to, Y must be able to see only User Y flows and catalogues

Asked and answered many times. It doesn't work like that I'm afraid. 1 instance is just that, 1 instance. If you want completely separate workspaces run separate instances. It is very easy to do (use command like options to launch additional instances - info is in the forum and documentation)

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Alright, I'm able to create and run separate instances and run it, that's not a problem

Yes different users can login. That info is also in the documentation. However there is only one set of flows. This is by design.

Ben Hardill blogged a create series of posts on how to create a multi-tenent Node-RED system . It is a proof of concept and would need further development but it shows what needs to be done to isolate users. Multi Tenant Node-RED – Ben's Place


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