How to get node-red users to have different workspaces?

I need my node-network to serve several users at the same time, and I want to see if it is possible for each one to have their independent workspace

It is possible in several ways. Depends on what you are trying to achieve.

It is easy enough to run multiple instances of Node-RED for example - though you need to keep a close eye on resources.

A single Node-RED instance is what is know as multiple-user, single-tenant.

This means that while you can define multiple users they can all only interact with a single running set of flows. They will all see the same editor with all the same tabs. Users can either have full access or just read-only.

If you want each user to have their own set of flows then as Julian said they must each have their own Node-RED instance.

You can do this in multiple ways, e.g. multiple instances with their own useDir running on different ports or using something like docker to host the different instances.

This is one of the problem that is being worked on by FlowForge. FlowForge is an open source tool to manage multiple instances of Node-RED and control access. The first version was released late last month

P.s. full disclosure I work for FlowForge Inc

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