Onkyo eiscp control

We have an Onkyo HT-R695, according to some device info it's also called TX NR656.

First tried to control it using the EISCP home assistant way, but failed in every option.

Then discovered NodeRed.

With NR i can control the HDMI input through the 'Input Selector',
except choosing the strm-box hdmi input.

The way i got it working....:

  • Event state change: when triggering helper button in HA (home assistant)
  • Function node: which defines the command to send
    msg.payload = "input-selector=cd"
    return msg;
  • Eiscp node: to send to the Onkyo

Got this working for most of the used HDMI inputs, except the strm-box.

Accordingly to documentation i should type "input-selector=strm-box" but that gives errors.
Tried some other things....str-box, strmbox, etc.... nothing works

At last, i've set up an Onkyo output with debug and on using remote for input strm-box, i got:

{"command":"input-selector","iscp_command":"SLI11","host":"","port":"60128","model":"HTR 695"}

or uncollapsed

command: "input-selector"
iscp_command: "SLI11"
host: ""
port: "60128"
model: "HTR 695"

Following this info, i tried to send the command

but then i got different errors

Anyone with a solution to my problem?

Where is this documentation? (link)

What errors? where? in node-red? on the device?

Lastly, I assume you are using HA nodes - you could try one of the node libs or even a ready made node-red node that doesnt use HA at all (node-red-contrib-eiscp. According to its README, you can simply send raw commands (e.g. Example: msg.raw = 'SLI11')

Thx for the reply,
tried searching in nodered where to apply the msg.raw, but didn't find it...
when i use msg. it doesn't give the raw option

using the example as you suggested, results in an error
Schermafbeelding 2022-10-08 om 13.37.03

That doesnt look like an error.

Maybe you need to clear the payload?

Also, show me your flow.

in the hdmi STR BOX is the code
msg.raw = "SLI11"
return msg;

other functions work perfect, like the hdmi dvd input with the code
msg.payload = "input-selector=dvd"
return msg;

the SLI11 is between "", cause the '' failed also

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