Onkyo - Node Red - still struggling

I have an Onkyo HT-R695, according to some device info it's also called TX NR656.

I have a function node and an eiscp out node to send the command to the Onkyo

code in the function node:
msg.payload = "input-selector=game"
return msg;

additionally i have an eiscp in node to listen for the changes of the Onkyo with a debug window, after triggering the function node, i get the info in the debug window:

{"command":"input-selector","argument":["video3","game","tv","game"],"iscp_command":"SLI02","host":"","port":"60128","model":"HTR 695"}

Some of the other input selections work as well, but when i try the input selection 'TV' it switches again to 'Game'

How do i get the Onkyo to switch to the right input, TV

When i push TV input on the fysical remote, i get following debug info from the Onkyo listener

{"command":"input-selector","argument":["cd","tv","cd"],"iscp_command":"SLI23","host":"","port":"60128","model":"HTR 695"}

Is there a way to push the SLI23 to the Onkyo, using the function node?
Tried already replacing '"input-selector=game" with different things but nothing works.

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