Only 84 rows read in bug CSV

I have a large csv file with more than 20 thousand rows.
I was able to read the CSV file but only got 84 rows?

There is a section in settings.js that will allow you to show longer data fields in the debug sidebar:

// The maximum length, in characters, of any message sent to the debug sidebar tab
debugMaxLength: 1000,

Would it not still show the correct length at the start of the debug output even if it didn't show all of it?

@mikeh if @edje11's suggestion does not help post that portion of the flow here so we can see how everything is configured.

How have you set the file read node ? that can happily return one line at a time and the csv node knows how to cope with that.

Yeah I figured this one out by setting the file in to per line.
I only set the CSV node to per line but failed to also set file in to per line.

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