Reading from CSV file

Hello, I'm new to using NodeRed. I'm reading data from a CSV file. The file I'm reading from has 300+ records. In the debugger, it only shows the LAST 30 records as output.
How can I show all the records and start from the beginning of the file?

You haven't shown where you are taking the debug from nor have you shared the output of the debug - is it showing text or an array?

If you mean the standard 'debug' node - then there is a (default) limit of showing 1000chars.
However, this can be increased by altering this option in your settings.js file (inside the .node-red folder).

debugMaxLength: 1000,

Please note... you will need to stop and restart Node-RED to pick-up the new settings.

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Thanks for replying. The output on the left shows only the LAST 30 rows from the CSV file I have. I want it to start from the top of the file and show me one by one

You have two nodes upstream of the Humidity output. One of those will be filtering out some of the messages. I would suggest that it is probably how you've got the rate limited set but it could be the one marked as a filter. Impossible for me to say as I can't see the settings.

Way are you rate limiting your MQTT output anyway? MQTT can generally handle hundreds if not thousands or more messages per second even on limited hardware - well it can if you are using a good broker such as Mosquitto.

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Sorry for the inconvenience, the problem was in the CSV node. It was skipping the first 300. Thanks for the info on MQTT, I use it to show the output slowly that is all.

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