Read CSV DATA one by One

Hi may I ask how Im going to output data from csv with time interval for each rows.
My problem is im able to out put all the data all at once.
Thank you

Are you reading this from a file? If so take a look at the options on the file-in node

Yes I am. MY problem is that after reading the csv file. E.g I have 35 rows. It will output all the 35 rows simultaneously. Im expecting it to be output 5sec per row.

Sorry Im just a newbie here in Node-red. IF you can give me some example much appreciated.

You can add a Delay node after the File node, and configure it to Rate Limiting mode - then pick the message rate you want.

after I placed the delay node after the file node it only delay the first row after that all the other rows output simultaneously without any delay

Then you have not configured it in Rate Limiting mode as I suggested.

i configured it "1 msg per 1 sec"
my node -> File Node -> Delay Node -> CSV NODE -> Function Node -> Debug Node

only the first row meet the delay node

you’ve set the delay node the limit topic.
So does your message have a topic?

If not try changing the configuration of the delay node

Please help me for CSV file after send by S7. How to record data continue. Now i saw in csv file like this

I want only head columm on top don't want every data get name of columm

Please help me

answered in this new thread - How to setting data continue