OPC-UA Method Call

I'm trying to call an OPC-UA method. Input parameters are handled in a function node.

msg.objectId = "ns=2;s=Sinumerik";
msg.methodId = "ns=2;s=/Methods/Filehandling/Select";
msg.inputArguments = [
    { dataType: "String", value: "Sinumerik/FileSystem/Work Pieces/TECHNIKER/MESS.MPF"},
    { dataType: "UInt32", value: 1}
return msg;

Error:Execute method result, error:The node id refers to a node that does not exist in the server address space.
Copied the identifier from UAExpert:
I'm not sure if the identifier of the method or of the input argument is the problem.
If I call the method in UAExpert directly it works.
Any thoughts about this?

You need to provide method parent nodeId as objectId that contains method.
And methodId nodeId to call method.

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