OPC-UA-Client payload is NULL

Hello everybody,
I want to access the Siemens MyMachine OPC-UA Server. The connection works, but I didn't get any data in the payload, its always Null. I used UaExpert to get the NodeID and inserted it to the OPC-Item. I don't know why it's Null, because my UaExpert has a Value.

Did you notice error message: Message types are not matching

Yes, but as you can see in the UaExpert datatype is UInt16 and this is what I have choosen in the OPC-Item-Type. Could it be that my NodeId is wrong?

I tried with different NodeIds but I always get the same error message.

I solved the Problem.

My OPC-UA Nodes didn't had the latest Version. I updated them and all works fine, but thanks for the fast answer.

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