Open new session on another device/ui control for tabs failure

Hello, we are using node-red-dashboard for creating a dynamic ui. The dashboard receives a message via tcp in to configure the ui nodes (buttons/labels/buttonname hide/show). The dashboard is actually working on the device which started the first session. If i start a second session on another device, the dynamic dashboard is not shown correctly. For example the ui tabs on the left which should be hidden are now shown, button labels are not filled with text and the unused text labels are also shown instead of hidden (view picture below).
Neither chrome or firefox are working. Any Ideas?

hi @simon.marquardt and welcome to Node-RED community. is it running Node-RED in a first device? if you open the flow editor in a second device, can you see all the dashboard tabs configured? and what happen if you do a DEPLOY and refresh dashboard in a second device?

Yes Node-RED is running on a first device perfectly. I opened the flow editor on a second device, all tabs are configured. If i do a DEPLOY and refresh, the Tabs on the sidebar are now hidden but the problems with the buttons and labels are still there. Could this be an error from TCP Node? Should we use UDP? or any other ideas?

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