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I want to use the openplc in node-red. Do someone use this component? I have now sone problem to install it . ( my installation of node-red is up todate)..

Exactly what are you trying to install and what problem are you having?

If I try to install the OpenPLC node ( , it throws me some errors and the node is not installed.

If you look at the node's github page (which is linked from the flows page you posted) you will see that it has not been updated for four years. In addition an issue was posted there two years ago, describing the problem you are seeing (or at least that issue stops me from installing it). The issue has not been answered which indicates that the node has been abandoned. I am afraid you will have to find an alternative approach. serialport does not exist · Issue #3 · SkyTrix/node-red-contrib-openplc · GitHub

I took a quick look at this and it seems like a simple version bump of a dependency lets me install. I made a fork of the original repository and was able to install it from github.

btw- if you're unsure of the home directory look in the node-red logs,

[info] User directory : {{---your directory---}}

cd to that directory then run

npm install

No clue if it will work from there or not, but at least it loads

ps - I've never used openplc but I'm curious, is this node just a modbus gateway? You edit ladder logic in a separate editor right? And then the hardware is something like a Pi or Beagle?

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Hi Matthiew,

Thanks for your help , but I wasn’t able to install this node into my nodered, because of a pb with SSL certificate pb…

I think the openplc has a good potential in the home automation world.. My hope was to use node-red to make some dashboards to interact with the openplc .



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Patrick Frey

Interesting, not quite sure what the problem could be, is the date/time accurate on the target machine you were running the "npm install" from? You could also try using http:// instead of https:// for the github url in the npm install command. Or, you could download the code and install locally (best way would be to run npm pack from the repo root and then npm install packed-file.tgz)

Also, I noticed that this node only has two dependencies and one of them is another node-red node (node-red-contrib-modbus), the other one is the request node which I think is deprecated. I've used the modbus node and can confirm it works, it may be suitable for you depending on what you want to do.

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