OSC error / UDP error

When NR is running for a while and i try to send an osc message thru UDP i get the error below

What does that mean and how can i solve this without rebooting the pi?


Could this be the cause?

26 Apr 10:49:08 - [info] [udp out:123862c9.55b5b5] udp ready:
26 Apr 10:49:08 - [info] [udp out:f4c38ba.88a97f8] udp re-use socket: ->
26 Apr 10:49:08 - [info] [udp out:60b43cef.d29584] udp re-use socket: ->
26 Apr 10:49:08 - [info] [udp out:5a5df35d.b653bc] udp re-use socket: ->

could be - do you really need multiple nodes trying to re-use the same port ? can't you wire things to one ?

Mmm good question, i need to find out if it is possible in other way.
I need to control 4 different pi's

sorry - my mistake - different IPs should be fine ...

so what would be the cause then?
i changed it now to 9001 for 151, 9002 for 152 and so on.
Lets see if that works or could there be another problem / solution?