Outgoing message passing problem


I have the following node red nodes:

| node1 out 1 |----------| node2 |----------| node3 |----------| mqtt out1 |
| node1 out 2 | ---------| dynamic mqtt in 2 |

('node 1' has two outputs)

| mqtt in1 |.---- | some nodes |-----| mqtt out 2 |

The process start with 'node 1' (with two output). The topic of 'dynamic mqtt in 2' node is set by the 2'nd output of 'node 1'
There are some nodes and mqtt message transfer before the 'dynamic mqtt in 2' node get mqtt message, but how can I be sure to program the topic of 'dynamic mqtt in 2' node first and be sure to get a message only after that?
Certainly, I can put a big delay after 1'st output of 'node 1', but there can be no delay in the process.

Generalizing the question:
It may be influenced in some way that the message of 2'nd output of 'node 1' is transmitted first?

What is a dynamic mqtt in node?

Not knowing what ‘node 1’ is, if possible why not swap the outputs? Saw it is a function node, remorse the order of msgs in the return statement

Yes, you are right, I swap the outputs.

Thank you for your help.

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