Package.json not updated when additional nodes are upgraded

Hi, using projects I noticed that if I update the nodes from the palette manager the new version is not reported on the package.json and consequently not even on the dependencies tab in project settings. is it a desired behavior?

It is a slight oddity that, when using projects, the nodes still go into the userDir package.json and not in the project folder.

I remember that Nick once outlined a reason for that but I'm afraid that I don't remember it.

Because the runtime doesn't load nodes from the project folder. And you would end up having to reinstall all of your extra nodes every time you created a new project.

The fact the package.json inside the project doesn't get updated when you update nodes in the runtime is a long standing bug (although not one I think we have captured anywhere).

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Not so much a bug - just no one has worked out a good way to manage it - do you really want to auto update the semver every change/deploy or only on a commit - or... ? And there is a lot of other info that can go into package.json that can be added manually - which we then not want to break etc.

Ok, it's actually not a big deal, I manually update the file. It was just to make it known in case it wasn't

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