Update Library automatically


is there any workflow which automatically catches nodes from the palette when defined in packeage.json?

What i want to do is move my flows from a local instance to a docker container. so i need to install all nodes which i already installed again?
I think i can also copy the node_module folder but therefore i need to update several nodes.
Is there any way to install them while docker compose?


What you need to do is to copy package.json and package-lock.json. Then if you go into the folder where your flows file is and run npm install. That will install the nodes you need. At least that is how you would do it in a normal installation. It may be different in a Docker environment.

package.json defines which nodes to install (with various constraints on versions).
package-lock.json defines exactly which versions to install. If you always want to install the latest versions then you don't need the lock file.

thank you.

that gives me a better understanding and i think i am familiar now with how to solve this in docker container.

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