Page Reload on value highlight

I have a text box (as an example) on the dashboard. When I use my mouse to highlight the contents of that text box (going to try to copy it), the entire dashboard site reloads and returns me to the starting tab.

Anyone else experiencing this?
I am running the latest palettes.

Steps to reproduce.

  1. ensure you have 2 tabs at least.
  2. Add a text box to the 2nd tab (not the main tab).
  3. ensure you have local data file store (all my text boxes store to the local file system).
  4. enter a value.
  5. Now use your mouse to highlight the contents in the text box.

Note that using the SHIFT + ARROW keys to highlight the contents seems to work.

This is on Windows 10 machine.

Start node-red in a terminal so that you see the startup messages and check there are no errors shown. Then, leaving the terminal open perform the operation in the dashboard and see what happens in the terminal. I suspect that node-red may be crashing and restarting.

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